Mama Jay is livin’ like royalty

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By: Kathleen Woods

It’s the homecoming pep rally, and you’re on the basketball court with your best dress waiting to hear if your name will be called. Both third and second place have been handed their trophies and it’s down to two. The announcer makes the call for first place, and it’s your name he is calling. 

During Missouri Western’s homecoming pep rally on Friday, Oct. 11, the homecoming royalty for first, second and third place was revealed. 

Missouri Western senior Jordan Alford was awarded first place and was handed her trophy and scepter. She ran for homecoming because it is her senior year, and she wanted to make the most out of her last year as a Griffon.

“I decided to run for homecoming royalty because I have never done anything like that before. I mean, I’ve applied for Miss Black Student Union  a few years ago, but other than that, I’ve never done it,” Alford said.

Running for homecoming royalty is an important role, because you are representing Missouri Western. Alford believes you have to love your school in order to run for royalty.

“I feel like homecoming represents like the most school spirit,” Alford said. “So, homecoming royalty would be like the most school spirit type person. I love our school, so I decided to put myself out there senior year and go for it.”

One of Alford’s favorite things about running for homecoming royalty was the campaigning side. When campaigning, you have to make sure you spread your name around campus.

“Being able to go up to like brand new people I literally didn’t even know and have to sell myself on the spot and say, ‘Hey, I know you don’t know me, but my name is Jordan Alford. Everybody calls me Mama J. Here’s why you should vote for me,’” Alford said. “That process was interesting because I met a lot of different faces.”

When running for homecoming royalty, there is more than just campaigning but also community service. 

“You have to do community service as well, and that was something that I do already,” Alford said. “So, I was actually looking forward to doing that.”

Aside from winning the title of homecoming royalty, you also win other prizes like a spectre and a $500 book vouture. Although a crown was not included with the prizes, Alford’s aunt came prepared just in case. 

“They didn’t give us a crown, but my aunt brought me a crown, so I put it on,” Alford said. “Hey, you know, it’s homecoming royalty because we’re trying to make sure that everybody’s included, but I consider myself a queen.”

Alford did not expect to win first place but said she would’ve been happy placing in anything at all. When she heard her name called for first place, she couldn’t believe she had won.

“Whenever they called me for first place, I was just out of this world. I had no idea it was going to happen, and I was just really excited,” Alford said. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it at all. Typically, I know that if you have like a really big sorority or things like that, they have a large following. So, I was just going to be happy if I got any place at all.”


For anyone thinking about running for homecoming royalty, Alford had some advice for future candidates.

“I would say make sure that you are running I guess for the right reasons,” Alford said. “Make sure that you really love our school and put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to do it.”