Influential Professor

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By: Austin Hoverder

Missouri Western Biology professor Tilottama Roy has always wanted to mold minds and teaching is the best way to influence students’ lives.

Teaching for Roy is a reward and when students actually care about her lessons in and out of class she loves it. Roy loves being a biology teacher at Missouri Western because every day is a new experience.

Roy is from a large fast paced city in India, which brings up the question on how she found Missouri Western. 

“Saint Joseph reminds me a lot of my grandmas that I visited frequently, just without the Himalaya mountains in the back,” Roy said. “People here are kind! My coworkers are kind and helpful, and I have the kindest and earnest students. This place brings out the best in me; I have never felt out of place in our one big family.” 

Missouri Western is going through a time of change. With a new president to new deans, professors and students alike, you can feel the change of energy around campus.

Roy has seen changes occur in her past two years and says she is excited about them. Roy still believes that there are changes that could still take place as far as connecting with the public. 

“I think that we could advertise more and connect more with the world outside,” Roy said. “Let them know who are we, what do we do and how they can make this place what it is.”

Roy’s expertise and educational love is her fascination in discovery. 

Understanding evolutionary origins and relationships among plants and other organisms,” Roy said. “Including investigating their systematics/phylogenetics, speciation and diversification processes.” 

Biology has always come naturally to Roy, and if a subject doesn’t come naturally, Roy believes with effort you can achieve a passing grade.

“Effort, effort, effort. I was one of the students who studied a lot in undergrad, even though my friends would be the students who didn’t have to study as much to get the same grade, so know your study process,” Roy said. “Effort grades should count, there is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek help. I love having students in my office.”

Having a college degree helps aid students for their futures in whatever field they choose.

 “A degree broadens your mind and horizons,” Roy said. “It opens doors and helps you leap forward professionally and personally. College makes you grow and become better individuals. Overall MWSU students are wonderful, keep up the good work and always try hard.