Griffon scholarship; that’s a guarantee

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By: Ryleigh Reagan

Missouri Western President Matthew Wilson announced a new scholarship, and while current students won’t be able to receive it, Wilson said that this new program will make the scholarship process much easier for everyone.

“The idea is that we want more students to be able to graduate,” Wilson said. “It was looking at a very complicated system and simplifying that system.”

The Griffon Guarantee Scholarship will fund students once they start school and will increase each year as long as they stay in good academic standings. This scholarship is not an additional scholarship but will replace other automatic scholarships such as the President’s and Dean’s scholarship and the A+ scholarship. While this might sound like an attractive opportunity for students able to receive this scholarship, they will likely start out receiving less funding than the previous scholarships offered. While the amount they recieve will increase each year, the overall amount of funding will be lower.

The Griffon Guarantee Scholarship will go into effect starting next fall semester, but it will not impact current students. Incoming freshmen will receive the guaranteed scholarship automatically as long as their GPA is a 2.0 or above and they earned a score of at least a 19 on the ACT. Marilyn Baker, director of the Missouri Western financial aid office, said that she is excited to see this new system go into place.


“What’s kind of exciting about the Griffon Guarantee is that it grows every year,” Baker said. “For current students, the new scholarship program is not going to affect them. We will grandfather in the scholarships that current students are receiving until they graduate.”


While current students won’t be able to receive the new guaranteed scholarship, current freshman Skylar Kent said he feels that it’s a step in the right direction.


“I think it’s cool that they are doing things to assuage that a little bit and make it better,” Kent said. “It’s a good stepping stone. College is tough; it’s financially tough in particular.”

For more information about the program, visit or visit the financial aid office in Eder 103.