‘Burnin’ Up’ for the Jonas Brothers

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By: Austin Hoverder

The Jonas Brothers: A literal band of brothers that from 2005 until their most recent concert, Sunday Sept. 22nd 2019, have kept our generation jamming.

They made their big debut on Disney Channel in 2008 with the movie “Camp Rock”. Since then they have had a sequel, a television show and many many concerts. About 17,000 fans came out to the Sprint Center of Kansas City, Missouri, this past Sunday. Missouri Western junior Demetrius Pittman had the time of his life. 

Q: When and why did you start listening to the Jonas Brothers? What does their music mean to you?

A: “I was first introduced to their music, through the Disney Channel. I used to watch the Disney channel all the time. I was first introduced to their music, through the Disney Channel. Their music speaks to many different moods, and that sparks my interest the most!”

Q: What was your favorite thing about their performance at the concert? What is your favorite song of theirs? 

A: “The concert spoke – indirectly – about their transition from their sound when younger, to their sound now. My favorite part is how they mixed their new songs with their older songs. My favorite song is definitely ‘Hold On.’

Q: How did you feel about the Jonas Brothers reunion? 

A: “Well, I was proud! Not many people know this, but they broke up because their brother chemistry was being depleted and they cannot be successful with a strong brotherhood. When they decided to have a reunion, it showed that they are stronger than whatever it was that put a wall between them.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about music and concerts? 

A: “Music is an escape for many, and I am included. My music is purely mine, and that’s what makes it great. I can be who I want, when I choose to listen to my music. Concerts are basically this but expanded. Before I attend a concert, odds are I have made a connection with the music, artist or both. Attending a concert as big as the Jonas Brothers concert really opened my eyes to exactly how many people have also made connections to the music, the artist. The atmosphere was almost magical.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about the Jonas Brothers? 

A: “My favorite thing about them literally has it in the name of their group. They’re brothers, and that chemistry is priceless. As an active member of a social fraternity, I’d say their brotherhood resembles the thing that most people search for from life. Example: Their ability to break up, then come back together and hold composure. It’s like they never fell off! Plus, they’re attractive, and studies show – I have actually researched this – people tend to listen to the people to whom they’re attracted.”