Advising season in full spring

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By: Austin Hoverder

Every student enrolling in Spring classes at Missouri Western will be required to go through Spring advisement. 

Seniors, graduate students and athletes will start registering Oct. 7. Juniors can begin to register Oct.10, sophomores on Oct. 14 and freshman on Oct.16. 

Derek Evans is an advisor in Missouri Western’s Office of Student Success and Academic Advising and said that there were a few ways students could best tackle advising.

“Email is a pretty standard way to get in contact with your advisor,” Evans said. “Other advisors will have students sign up through so the students can see the available time professors have and can work around their schedule.” 

Students and teachers alike often have very little time. While some students might have trouble making time for an advisement meeting, Evans said not to wait. 

“You are required to meet with your advisor to not only receive your four-digit PIN to register for classes, but to make sure you’re taking the correct courses to stay on track for graduation,” Evans said. “They are also someone who you can go to with day-to-day-issues like time management, and they are another connection for internships and other career opportunities.”

Junior Allison Goos has gone through an advising session for multiple semesters. She said that students could take advantage of digital resources before advising to make the process easier.

“Do it early and ask questions,” Goos said. “Griffon GPS is the best way to prepare and to look at classes available beforehand.” 

Evans agreed that preparing using the Griffon GPS could speed along the process.

“Make sure you have an idea of what short term goals you have,” Evans said. “At least have a minimum idea of what your next semester will look like with your expected workload.” 

Evans said that students should make an effort to talk to their advisors for help with planning their futures.

For more information about advising and Student Success, visit or visit their office in Eder 209.