Soccer splits weekend with a win and a tie

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By: Brett Howery

Ashley Mathis scored two goals off the bench on Sunday to help the Griffons cap off their undefeated weekend with a 2-1 victory over the University of Sioux Falls.

Their game on Friday – whilst not a loss – was a 0-0 tie with Wayne State.

Coach Chad Edwards is happy with how his team played this weekend. 

”Well it was an undefeated weekend,” Edwards said. “Mathis came in off the bench and commanded those two goals. She’s an incredible bench piece.”

Before Mathis’ two goals on Sunday, Missouri Western did not have a single goal to its name in the three games the Griffons played and had conceded four goals to opposing teams. 

One player who has been incredible to start the season has been sophomore goalkeeper Anna Mayer. She currently leads the MIAA in saves with 35. Last Sunday against Rockhurst Mayer broke the Missouri Western record for saves in a game with 18 saves. 

“She’s a tremendous player,” Edwards said. “We’ve known how good she is for the last three years before she came here. I’d put her up there with any goalkeeper in the league.”

On Friday in the 0-0 tie with WSU, Missouri Western shot 22 times to Wayne State’s seven, and the Griffons held the Wildcats without a shot in the last 45 minutes of regulation. Both teams came into the game without a goal to their record. 

Even though it wasn’t a loss, junior Taylor Schwartzkopf knows that more can be done.

“We just got to keep playing together, playing for each other,” Schwartzkopf said. “As long as we put in 100 percent effort, the goals will come.”

With their 22 shots – a season-high for the Griffons – only five were on goal for the game. 

Edwards doubled-up on Schwartzkopf’s thoughts, agreeing that more can be done.

“I think they went out there and did what they could,” Edwards said. “But I think we can do more, and I think we can execute better, and we will have to in the future.”

On Sunday, it was a different story.

The Griffons already topped their season-high for shots with 26 in this game, and they even doubled their shots-on-goal going from five to ten. Despite the limited time on the field, Mathis scored two goals on three shots. Schwartzkopf also shot seven times with five of them being on-goal.