Schwartzkopf looks to kick the injury bug

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By: Avery Booth

Taylor Schwartzkopf a junior forward for the Missouri Western soccer team and is from the town of Farmington, Missouri. 

Schwartzkopf scored six goals in seven games her freshman year before tearing her ACL and ending her great start to her college career. 

Schwartzkopf’s major is health and exercise science. 

Tearing both ACLs while growing up playing soccer has influenced Schwartzkopf to pursue a career in physical therapy after Missouri Western.

“Going through my own physical therapy and being in the doctor’s office made me want to help other athletes rehabilitate their careers,” Schwartzkopf said. 

Schwartzkopf injured both ACLs,the first one her junior year of high school and her second her freshman year of college.  

Schwartzkopf overcame her first injury by pushing through to college but when she got injured in college her trainers and coaches helped her bounce back. 

Schwartzkopf bounced back after her freshman year. In her sophomore year, Schwartzkopf played in all 19 games starting in 15.

She scored in three games and had the only goal in the 1-0 win over Northwestern on Oct. 26. 

It wasn’t only coaches and trainers that helped Schwartzkopf get through injuries, as her family and teammates also pushed her to come back. 

Schwartzkopf comes from a family of athletes. Her father played high school football, her brother tried to follow in her footsteps by playing soccer but switched to tennis after a few years. 

Growing up around soccer, Schwartzkopf always knew she wanted to play soccer in college. 

Starting club ball in the first grade and continuing on up through middle school and into high school soccer, Schwartkopf knew soccer was her calling.  

Missouri Western caught Schwartkopf’s eye in high school after playing a few games on the field and seeing the facilities that MWSU had to offer. 

On Schwarzkopf’s visit, she really clicked with the team and coach which made her feel right at home.  

Schwartzkopf is in her third year under coach Chad Edwards and has made an impact since day one. 

“From the moment she stepped on campus, she’s made a massive impact,” said Edwards. 

Scoring in there final game in spain against a great team, Edwards knew he had seen some foreshadowing for years to come. 

Schwartzkopf is getting more comfortable under Edwards and likes his coaching style.

“He is a good person to be around and knows when to be serious with us,” Schwartzkopf said.

Battling through injury, Schwartzkopf has shown resilience and cemented her place in the Griffon top eleven.