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By: Parker Williamson

Last week in the news, e-cigarettes, election battles and electronic innovation spread across national headlines.  

Link between e-cigarettes and deaths/lung damage

After six recent deaths related to e-cigarettes and vaping, President Donald Trump and other government officials are considering putting limitations on e-cigarette products. Trump’s proposed ban would rid the market of all non-tobacco flavored products alleged marketing to minors. Michigan has already gone forward with this ban along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who announced an emergency executive action banning flavored e-cigarettes in his state on Sunday. 

This issue has sparked much controversy online regarding whether traditional e-cigarettes or faulty, modified products are to blame. According to CNN, the federal investigation into the link between vaping and serious lung illnesses has not yet identified a cause. However, all reported cases have involved the use of e-cigarette products. Some patients have reported using e-cigarettes containing THC or other cannabinoid products.

Health care at the democratic debate 

During Thursday’s debate, current Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden showed differing opinions to his challengers on the topic of healthcare. 

Biden was firm on his plans to reinstate the 2010 Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obamacare.His main challengers on this topic included senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Biden questioned how his opponents would pay for their proposed programs.

“I think Obamacare worked,” Biden said. “This is about candor, honesty and big ideas.”

Warren said that Obamacare was somewhat effective, but more effort was needed. 

“Now the question is how best can we improve on it,” Warren said, adding that with her proposed plan,Medicare for All, those in the middle class would pay less while those higher up would pay more. 

New iPhone model released 

Last week, Apple announced the design of the new iPhone 11 Pro, which will be available starting Sept. 20.  

The new model features three cameras on the back of the phone. This design choice has sparked conversations across social media with some users stated that the design looks ridiculous. Others say that the three camera design looks like a trypophobia trigger. According to Apple, the new device will feature an unprecedented leap in battery life and will push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.