It’s time for Family Feud

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By: Ryleigh Reagan

Game shows have been popular since the early 1930s, and one of the longest running, and most popular is Family Feud.

For the first time ever, Missouri Western hosted the MWSU Family Feud on Sept. 11 at 4 p.m. in Blum Union. This event was put on by the Missouri Western International Center and the Student Government Association, who partnered with the History, Geography, Economics, Political Science and Sociology departments and the Geography club. Teams of five competed against each other to answer geography and other cultural questions.

The reason for starting the game show event is to kickoff the school year get both international and traditional students together to help share different cultures and backgrounds. 

“We could try all kinds of different ways to have events for people to get together and do something social,” said instructor of political Science and geography Dr. Marcus Williamson. “This just seemed like a fun way where we can share, that’s not totally academic”. 

In the first round, team ‘France,’ a team made of four French exchange students and a friend competed against team ‘Never mind, we forfeit,’ a friend group of both traditional and international students. Both teams took turns answering questions about language, food and other cultural and geographical topics about countries all over the world. At the end of the first round, team France won with 390 points and team Forfeit came in second with 221 points.

In the second round of the game show, team ‘Doors’ went against team ‘Windows.’ Both teams were made up of competitors and viewers from the first round. At the end of the game, team Doors scored 173 points, and team Windows won with 233 points. 

“It was great and entertaining,” said exchange student from France Adel Gadi.

Gadi also said he would like to be a part of the Family Feud competition in the future. 

Missouri Western junior, Miranda Durr, who is a traditional student heard of the event through the International Student Center, said she had fun competing in the game show.

“I really enjoyed the questions about the modern day relationships within countries,” Durr said.

Durr competed on team Forfeit in the first round and watched her friends compete in the second. Durr was keen on attending an event like this again.

“Yeah, I definitely would,” Durr said. 

Being as it is only the first year Missouri Western has put on Family Feud, only upwards of twenty people showed up, but attendance is expected to rise in the future.