Family Weekend at MWSU

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By: Kathleen Woods

Cheers of laughter and the sound of chatter filled the halls of Missouri Western as families reunited with each other over family weekend.

To kick off family weekend began with a concert by Oferle at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 20 in Spratt 101. The president’s pasta extravaganza was celebrated Saturday, where parents and students were able to mingle with the president while eating pasta from 11a.m. to noon in Remington Hall. Following the pasta extravaganza were planetarium shows throughout the day with shows starting at noon, 1 p.m. and 2 p.m also in Remington Hall.

Beginning at noon on Saturday, there were family friendly activities such as Clearly you Crystal Laser 3-D images, Stuff-a-Plush toys and carnival games all located in the Fulkerson Center. Those activities ended just in time for Spidey the hypnotist and mentalist show at 3 p.m. in Spratt 101. To end the day, families tailgated before the homecoming game against Central Missouri at 7 p.m. in the Craig Field at Spratt Memorial Stadium.

Don Thompson, father of freshman Rebecca Thompson, attended the event with his family but his wife was not able to make it to the event.

“Well, usually I would say that you don’t get to see them, but I’ve not actually been a full seven days without seeing her since she’s not here,” Thompson said. “Her mom is a little bent out of shape today because she had other plans. She couldn’t make it today. So, she will actually be a full week without seeing her.”

Students were especially interested in getting to know the new president and have heard nothing but good things about his presence on campus. 

As a freshman, Thompson feels that President Matt Wilson is really involved with the students and was surprised to see that on campus.

“The other day he was driving around picking up people and taking them to their classes, like,

‘Who would do that as a president?’” Thompson said.

Staff members at the Fulkerson Center saw many new faces and are hoping that by throwing events like family weekend it will attract more to attend.

Student programming assistant Dominick Busby worked the student involvement booth passing out plushes to students and children. Busby has hopes for more student involvement on campus. 

“Hopefully getting new students out and active and involved,” Busby said. “So that kind of sets a precedent for them to keep coming to events and stuff like this later on.”