Chloe Oyler Cafe Pony Espresso Show

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by: Christian Banez

On Saturday, Sept 7, Café Espresso hosted the opening of Missouri Western student Chloe Oyler’s art exhibition.


 Chloe Oyler is a Senior Studio Art student with a concentration in sculpture and minor in illustration. She had her first solo exhibition, “It’s Me,” at the Soulard Coffee Garden in St. Louis, Missouri, chosen to showcase her work at the Kansas City Artists Coalition Undergraduate show and had a pop-up exhibition throughout the summer at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art. 


In terms of theme, Oyler provides her view of femininity in the present. This is achieved through her fashion magazine collages, and her digital illustrations or her glass mosaic pieces. 


In transitioning from collage to illustrative line art and mosaics, Oyler replaces the famous fashion models as her figures. In their stead are friends of the artist garbed in long flowing gowns and surrounding by circular motifs showcasing Oyler’s study of the Art Nouveau made famous by artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt. In translating the art movement to the modern-day, each of the models poses against the scenery. Creating a departure from previous Art Nouveau works where the women are integrated or swarmed by their surroundings.


Oyler’s most recent works on display are colored glass mosaic pieces, a medium she’s decided to specialize in. Each mosaic work contains hundreds of hand-cut glass shards delicately arranged to depict her female models. Her mosaics acting as an evolution from her collage work juxtaposing magazine clippings of models and fashion with her venture into Art Nouveau through digital illustration.


Throughout the show, Oyler’s work showcases a seasoned artist providing a look into what she sees and the people she’s inspired by. Her depiction of her muses as standing out from their scenery as well as the attention to detail she carries across each of her artistic mediums showcase the connection she has with her friends, and her dedication to her craft.


Oyler’s exhibition will be on view until Oct. 1st in Café Espresso in Downtown St. Joseph, around the corner from the Missouri Theater.