Chats with Matt #2

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By: Christian Sarna

Chats with Matt – Comments, Questions And Concerns From Student To President


As students gear up for family weekend, the extended Griffon family have a few questions for President Matt Wilson. This week covers tips for tailgating, campus safety and recycling efforts.


What can students do at tailgates besides drink? Are we going to be a wet campus?

Missouri Western will be facing off against the University of Central Missouri this Saturday with tailgating from 3 p.m. Missouri Western’s status as a ‘moist’ campus means that tailgaters who are of-age will be allowed to drink. 


According to this week’s submissions, some students who are underage or don’t drink find it difficult to navigate these events. Wilson said that student organizations can help by making an effort to offer more dry activities.


“It’s a great opportunity for groups and organizations,” Wilson said. “Maybe even view things a little differently in terms of, okay, how can we make our tailgating experience even more inclusive?” 

Wilson said that activities during the last tailgate like the Student Government Association dunk tank and eating competition were great examples of fun for the whole Griffon family.


“Those types of activities are engaging,” Wilson said. “Really looking to do things that promote inclusion and making everybody feel comfortable are things that we need to be doing.”


For students curious whether Missouri Western has any plans to go fully ‘wet,’ Wilson said there was nothing in the works.


When are we going to do safety drills?

With the recent opening of classroom doors and many high-profile shootings throughout the nation, some students are concerned about a lack of active-shooter training on campus. According to Wilson, that training is currently being done on a personnel level.


“Faculty and staff actually have three different sessions that are scheduled over the next 10 days,” Wilson said. “That’s something that we’re initially rolling out with faculty and staff; we do plan on extending that to our students.”


For students who are interested in attending similar trainings, Wilson said to stay tuned.


How do we recycle on campus?

Missouri Western currently does not have a method for recycling plastics. According to Wilson, this lack of recycling service is due to prohibitive and rising costs. In fact, the St. Joseph School District canceled their recycling services this summer because of said costs.


However, Wilson said that recycling was an important cause that he intends to tackle in several different ways. One of those ways is by recycling aluminum cans. According to Wilson, Missouri Western recently entered into a relationship with Habitat for Humanity and will roll out four recycling stations within the next two weeks.


“The money from those cans will actually go towards a Habitat for Humanity building or house here in our community,” Wilson said. “It’s a way for our students not only to recycle but to give back.” 

For other materials, Wilson said that the simplest way to be more eco-friendly would involve an ounce of prevention.


“From day one, staff and faculty have been hearing me say, ‘Just don’t use paper,’” Wilson said. “We can do things electronically to get it done.” 

In addition to using more digital materials, students can recycle papers in the confidential shredding boxes located in many buildings. 


While he intends to find a way to recycle plastics in the future, Wilson said that students could cut down on plastic use with reusable bottles and the water-filling stations around campus.


Have a question, comment or concern for President Wilson? You can submit them directly to his office at According to Wilson, he views every submission personally. For a chance to have your questions answered in the newspaper, send a direct message to @Sarna_GN on Twitter, a message to The Griffon News on Facebook or email