Transgender Name and Gender Marker Clinic

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By: Dayton Bissett

Missouri Western will be hosting a free transgender name and gender marker clinic at Wilson Hall 206 on Thursday, April 25.

The clinic will be for any transgender students or anyone in that community. At the clinic, there will be guidance from the Legal Studies Department to help anyone in the transgender community change their birth certificate and make gender marker changes on government documents, so that the documents under their possession reflect their true gender identity.

Legal Studies professor Dr. David Tushaus said this is a valuable clinic.

“It’s a service that we’re providing to this group of people,” Tushaus said. “And they don’t have to be students. They can be members of the community. This clinic is important to those individuals who present and identify as a different gender than what their documents show.”

The last time the Legal Studies Association put on this clinic was last semester.

Tushaus said the last clinic was very successful.

“We had about a half a dozen transgender individuals show up, and we helped them get their paperwork,” Tushaus said. “I’ve actually seen one of the clients we helped since then, and they were very happy they were able to get the changes they needed.”

Tushaus then goes on to explain how this clinic benefits more than just the people who come in seeking the help.

“The Legal Studies Association is sponsoring it,” Tushaus said. “And I use it as a teaching tool in advanced legal research to give legal study students an opportunity to learn how to draft legal documents, do some research on legal issues, but also get a connection to an issue in the community that not a lot of people are aware of.”

Tushaus went on to say that there is a chance that they might even have local judges who handle these cases come talk to the group.

Anyone who could potentially benefit from this clinic should be encouraged to come.