The Week from Hell

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By: Kathleen Woods

As classes come to a close, students rush to finish last minute assignments. The weeks leading up to finals are  stressful, and students are just trying to do their best to pass.

It is a time where students cram as much information into their brains, drink too much coffee and lose out on necessary sleep. If you’re an extra good student like some, even social life comes to a halt in order to obtain a pass-worthy grade.

Study guides become student’s mantra, and notecards are their new best friend.

Missouri Western sophomore Sammy Ogdahl said that most of her studying time is spent at the library or at home.

“I basically live in the library or at my kitchen table with my laptop all week,” Ogdahl said. “I hope to finish this semester out strong.”

Study halls become booked faster than you can make it to the library to study, and the Center for Academic Support (CAS) always has their doors open if students are seeking aid.

Director and writing coordinator of the CAS, Susan Garrison, spoke about what the CAS has to offer students the week before finals week.

“There will be workshops. We put flyers out, and we email students and let them know.  These workshops are to help students prepare for finals.”

Missouri Western freshman Joshua Taylor gave some types on what he does to prepare for finals week.

“I like to meditate a lot. I like to go over everything that’s been gone over in the past, everything that has happened in the semester,” Taylor said. “I have a lot of stressing to do. So, I get to work early on my stressing about a week before finals. Usually by the end of the week all of that stress pays off, and I’m able to get in the zone and really lock myself down to know what is going on in those classes.”

Finals week is very important to students like Taylor in order for them to excel in college.

“Everything rides on finals week. The whole semester rides on whether or not I pass this test. It’s hard for me,” Taylor said.

Even though finals week might be hard and students dread it, finalls are a necessity. So that everything we have learned throughout the semester is absorbed into our brains, we then take that information and use it towards our future careers. Making us better for them in the end.

*Good luck everybody and God’s speed.*