The Communication Club Gives Back

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By: Ali Pilgram

The Communication Club raised over 300 items for the canned food and clothing drive.

The food drive gave students and faculty a two week window, from March 25 – April 4, to collect and donate items to the Campus Cupboard and the Pop-up Closet.

Jordan Atkinson, the advisor of the Communication Club, brought the idea with him from his experience at West Virginia University. Atkinson said that sponsoring the food drive is one of the ways the Communication Club is able to give back to students on campus.

“I think the food drive is a great way for us to really make a positive impact on campus,” Atkinson said. “We know that we have students here on campus who are in need of food, and the Campus Cupboard is a fantastic way for our students to go anonymously and get some food that they potentially might not have the money to afford. So, it’s a great way for us to give back to our students here.”

Nicole Bibly, a member of the Communication Club, said she was amazed at the response the food drive received.

“I’m pretty shocked by how quickly we accumulated stuff versus in the past where we had it going for a couple of weeks and got this amount of stuff,” Bibly said. “Then this time when we got it in really one big bulk. So it was pretty cool.”

Drew Aggus, also a member of the Communication Club, said it’s always great to support his fellow classmates.

“It is a great way to help the community. It’s always beneficial for students to help other students in my experience.”

Atkinson said he, as well as the officers and members of the Communication Club, promoted their cause primarily via word-of-mouth and the use of flyers.

“The Communication Club students were responsible for doing the marketing of the event,” Atkinson said. “They made the flyers. They announced it in their classes. They encourage their friends to donate. I also did the same with the faculty, and it just really took off.  We had a fantastic turnout, obviously, over 300 items were donated for the Campus Cupboard, and then hundreds of items for the clothing drive as well.”

Atkinson officially started the Communication Club last March.

“This is our first full year, and it has been just a wonderful opportunity for the students in our major and even in our minors. We’ve been doing this now for three semesters, and we’ve had great results. So we want to definitely continue that and then also branch out more into the St. Joseph community,” Atkinson said.