Puppies and Pastries

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By: Ali Pilgram


The Student Honors Organization hosted a fundraiser where students could interact with therapy dogs and participate in a baked goods sale.


The fundraiser, advertised as Puppies and Pastries, raised over $100 within eight hours. The executive officers of the club were proud of the turnout they had and plan to host more fundraisers like Puppies and Pastries in the future.


President of the Student Honors Organization, Kelly Oliphant, a junior, explained how this fundraiser helped to contribute to the social club’s goals.


“One of the goals we have is to create leadership opportunities for our members and help them build skills that they can use throughout school and throughout their lives in general,” Oliphant said. “It does provide an opportunity for our officers and members to help contribute to the organization.”


Sophomore Maelea Coulson, secretary of the organization, said their organization was not only helping their own members, but also members of the community.


“I would say that we’re also helping local St. Joe organizations–like the animal shelters in St.  Joe–with these donations, and then we’re helping fundraise for other honors students with the bake sale that we’re doing as part of this. So, it’s just helping local people and organizations.”


The officers of the organization took an hour and a half of their time to provide the baked goods.


Coulson said the fundraiser has been successful and the dogs have really helped grab students’ attention.


“It’s been really good. Yesterday was a really good day. The dogs have been attracting people, so it’s been at least a good awareness,” Coulson said.


Oliphant stated that they had witnessed several gracious people donate to their cause.


“Some people have been really generous. Like we’ve had people just come by and give us donations and not even buy anything. They just put money in the jar and walk away,” Oliphant said.


Associate professor Dr. Melinda Kova?cs was also on site holding one of the therapy dogs named Malcolm at the time.


“I am a member of the honors committee, and I teach in the Honors Program, but honestly, I’m not doing this for either one of those reasons,” said Kova?cs. “I’m doing this because I like these characters. So they (the Student Honors Organization) were like, ‘We’re thinking of doing this, and we hear you’re into dogs’.”


The fundraiser took place on Wednesday, April 10 from 10-1 and Thursday, April 11 from 10-3.