Netflix Review: Someone Great

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By: Kathleen Woods


In order to complete finals week, I find that either slasher movies or comedies are a necessity for survival.


To combat my everlasting depression and stress during the last few weeks of finals, I have found myself focusing on the later half to lighten my mood.


The Netflix show called, “Someone Great” is a Netflix original produced by Gina Rodriguez who also stars as the lead, Jenny.


Caught up with the decision of accepting her dream job with “Rolling Stones” and moving to San Francisco from New York, Jenny confronts her boyfriend of many years with her new job and what that could mean for their relationship.


As with most chick flicks, the movie follows Jenny, the main character, throughout her life after the breakup of her “forever” relationship. During the movie she relies heavily on her two best friends for support and party therapy.


This movie contains high levels of profanity and illegal substances similar to a combination of “Pineapple Express” remixed with a sadder version of “Bridesmaids” that I highly don’t recommend. As this combination sounds like it would be awesome, this movie entails more tears, flashbacks and a lot of weed.


Unfortunately, if you are looking for a movie to lift your spirits, this movie does not fit that criteria.


The plot suffocates its audience with a main character engulfed in the fact that her relationship has ended and that she will be moving and leaving everyone she knows in New York for her dream job as a music journalist for “Rolling Stones” magazine.


Aside from the wallowing of Jenny, this movie does show good points for the modern feminist by showing little ques like, a feminist cup, a t-shirt that reads “Latina AF” and an art poster that reads “black women artists for black lives matter.”


Not only is this chick-flick feminist, but it also supports LGBTQ relationships by not only including the main character’s relationship but that of her best friends.


One of Jenny’s best friends is Erin, who is finding it hard to grow up because she doesn’t want to believe that she is almost thirty. Relationships for her have been difficult, but she thinks she has found the one but finds it difficult to tell her partner that she loves her.


Jenny’s other best friend is Blair who is one of the more uptight friend of the group that could also be identified as the mother of the group and is in a relationship that has long been over with a man who tries to do everything to please her, but he himself is miserable.


“Someone Great” does have a good intended focus which is even though relationships may end, people move and aging occurs. It’s about how you chose to move forward and the people you decide to bring with you along your journey because it’s your journey not “ours.”


It’s okay to be single and moving forward with your life and reaching your goals because change is what makes you who you are and the experiences that you have through those changes.


Relationships do not define who you are, what you’re capable of, how you feel, where you decide to live, what jobs you take and the opportunities you grasp. You are the writer of your story and you decide.


Instead of looking to this movie for a relief from the stress of finals week, this is a movie to watch if you need a good cry or are just getting over a fresh break-up.


Whose to say that tears can’t also be considered therapeutic? I know from experience that most of us have come to our breaking point during the last few weeks of school and a good cry can also have its cathartic redeeming qualities.