Entrepreneurship Week Leaves Students With More Knowledge

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By: Jessica Stallard

Sixth Commissioner of baseball from 1984-1989 Peter Ueberroth spoke about himself and how being an entrepreneur changed his life at the Entrepreneurship Week Luncheon on March 29.

Ueberroth had many points in his speech while telling about his journey through life and how he ended up where he is today. Being an Entrepreneur for Ueberroth meant he could spread his knowledge on running a business and inspire people to want to share their business and change people’s minds on what entrepreneurship is all about.

“If I wouldn’t have gone to college I wouldn’t have met my wife, never would have got the opportunities. In life you get a chance to be an entrepreneur, you promote that and the more entrepreneurs and businesses you get.” Ueberroth said. “You’re better than you think you are.”

Ueberroth has been in business and has co-owned or owned many businesses since he was 22-years old making him very knowledgeable in the entrepreneurship world. Senator Roy Blunt believes what Western has created with Entrepreneurship Week is a great contribution to the school.

“The attempt to step out and create opportunity for somebody else is an important thing.” Blunt said. “People need to take that risk, willing to take more of a risk to do what they do.”

Founder of the Craig School of Business Steven Craig was responsible for bringing Ueberroth to campus and had the pleasure of introducing him. Craig believes that Ueberroth had a lot to give Western due to the wide range of opportunities Ueberroth has had during his lifetime. Including Ueberroth being the organizer of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

“Many opposed the Olympics but Peter and his team persevered and continued to work hard to make it happen and not only did it happen- he made it the most successful Olympics ever.” Craig said.

Entrepreneurship Week had over 15 events that students and the community could get into and over 900 were in attendance to these events. Ueberroth’s speech being the most sought after event of the week also featured Emerging Entrepreneur of the year and Entrepreneur of the year. Director of Entrepreneurship Annette Weeks started these awards a couple years ago because she wanted to show the community of St. Joe what local entrepreneurs are doing.

“Missouri western is committed to cultivating and educating entrepreneurs.” Weeks said.

Winner of the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year was Alyson Fisher who has owned three businesses for about a year now. Winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year was Mike Dragoo who has owned three businesses for more than five years. Ueberroth comes from a background of being an entrepreneur and appreciates everything Western is doing to promote entrepreneurship.

“The entrepreneur thing you do at this university doesn’t exist anywhere and working with young people shows that everyone can go into business.” Ueberroth said.