DeRay Davis Comes to MWSU

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By: Ali Pilgram

The Western Activities Council put on their fourth Spring Comedy Show on Wednesday, April 17 with Ronnie Jordan as the opener and DeRay Davis as the main act.

VIP seats in Looney were offered to the first 100 students who went to the Center for Student Involvement to claim the tickets. The doors opened at 6:30 p.m., the opening act started at 7:00 p.m., and DeRay Davis followed shortly after at 8:00 p.m.

Isaiah Collier, who has been dean of Student Development for eight years, explained the process for bringing Davis to campus this year.

“I directly advise our campus’ Western Activities Council,” Collier said. “So with WAC, you know, this is like their fourth annual spring comedy show. They just did a poll to get a better feel for like, who students wanted to see. So with DeRay Davis, his name just came up, and it worked out perfectly because he was touring around this area.”

The annual spring comedy show has always been open to the public, but this is the first time in which it is free, so Collier expected to have a solid turn out for the show.

“You know, last year, it was easier for us to tell how many people, because we actually sold tickets. It was easier for us to track and so this year, since it’s free and open to everybody, we can’t tell exactly how many people will be there. I mean, we have like 100 hundred floor seats, and we’ve given away all those tickets, so at least 100 people will be there for sure.”

Last year WAC brought Marlon Wayans, well known for his role as Marcus Copeland in White Chicks.

Attendee Jaxson Roberts heard about the event through word of mouth and came for something fun to do.

“I just heard it was going on at the school, and that it was free to the public, so I thought it might have been, you know, a fun thing to do in town,” Roberts said. “I enjoyed it. It was a little raunchy at times for my taste, but I thought it was funny overall. There were parts that had me dying laughing. He (Jordan) made this to taquito joke, and I love going to quick trip, so it was really funny.”

SGA supplies Western Activities Council with a programming budget. The event was advertised via flyers, posters and social media.