MWSU SGA Election

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By: Parker Williamson

SGA student body president election will be contested for the first time in two years.


At the recent Student Senate meeting, two current members of the Missouri Western Student Government Association announced that they will be running for student body president.


Engoma Fataki, the current student director of external relations, announced that he and Senator Nathan Scott would be running for president and vice president. Fataki said his main three goals are leadership, vision and progress. To him, this means continuing to build a strong relationship with the administration and being the kind of president that listens to what the students want.


“There is a lot of obstacles when bridging the connection between the students and the administration,” Fataki said. “I believe that because of my current position I am qualified to make those connections with, not only the administration, but to organizations outside of the institution.”


Mazzie Boyd is a sophomore at MWSU and a current student senator. She has also announced that she will be running for student body president along with Cameron Edmondson as her vice president. Her main platform is giving a voice to all students at MWSU and improving their experiences here. Boyd said that she thinks the student body is not as involved with SGA as they should be.


“It’s their money that we are spending,” Boyd said. “I want to make sure that we are spending it how the students want, to make their education and campus life the best that it can be.”


The past two elections have been uncontested. Current Study Body President Austen Hall is very excited that there will be competition this year. When he ran for office, his main goals were figuring out where student fees go and surveying the student body to make sure SGA knew what the students wanted. He noted that there were pros and cons to running uncontested. The cons being legitimacy and lack of competition. Hall said that since this election will be contested, there is potentially going to be more campaigning and student involvement. He hopes for a lot of engagement from the students and a lot of votes. While he is very excited for this election, he was not too pleased with the way the candidates announced they were running.


“I feel as if SGA should not have been used as a platform to promote one’s candidacy,” Hall said. “I wish it wouldn’t have happened, but here we are.”


Reece Christensen is a current student senator and previous vice president. He and former President Kyle Fuson also ran uncontested. He hopes for candidate forums and all around better student involvement than with previous elections.

“I think this is fantastic for the SGA and Missouri Western as well,” Christensen said. “Having competition in political systems allows for much better representation.”


Students are highly encouraged to get involved and vote in the upcoming election.