Is Legally Blonde A Good Movie?

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My all-time favorite movies are chick flicks, and my favorite subcategory is romcom. As many girls (and some guys) agree, what is better than a good laugh about an awkward version of the cute things we dream about happening to us? Because of my major appreciation for this category, I thought this break was the time to finally get around to one that was long overdue: Legally Blonde.

I have been told several times that I remind people of Elle Woods, the main character. Starting the movie, I became very offended. Afterall, she is obsessed with fashion, talks to a picture of her boyfriend and uses a less-than-serious pitch when she speaks. However, Elle does have some redeeming qualities that I would love to possess. First, she shows the power of resolution. When her boyfriend, parents and teachers all show doubt that she could ever amount to anything intelligence wise, she continued on without support. Next, she embraced what she loved regardless of other’s comments. Furthermore, she was positive and accepting of people who continually bullied her. Lastly, the movie placed emphasis through Elle’s character about not acting on first impressions. Elle befriends an awkward nail stylist, finds strength in a professor she got mad at the first day and made friends with a girl who continually put her down at school.

The only major critique I have for this movie comes out of what should have been a positive. As Elle continues to do well, her professor and boss makes advances at her. While she declines, I am disappointed that the movie never made mention of her formally reporting the incident. Another teacher even finds out later and never encourages Elle to make a report. It would have been especially easy to incorporate since the movie was set at a law school. While the movie is fake, it would have been more responsible of the producers to show that the reporting process matters.

For the absolutely most important part, Elle gets the guy! And an even better one than who she set out for. It was heartwarming to see how he valued her opinion, lovingly encouraged her and stood up for her time after time. Final thought, I loved the movie and would highly recommend it to fill your chick flick needs!