Griffons go to New Orleans over spring break

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By: Dayton Bissett

For the 2019 alternative spring break, Missouri Western students went to New Orleans to have a fun break, but also do their part to help with a different community.

To be eligible to attend this Alternative Spring Break opportunity, students had to compete for one of the fourteen spots that were available. The competition included writing an essay for review and paying a $100 deposit to hold your spot if chosen.

This is not a new thing for Missouri Western to decide to take students to see other places and cultures and have fun while doing community service for spring break.

Dean of Student Involvement Isaiah Collier said that this isn’t even the first year that Missouri Western has gone to New Orleans.

“Every year we try to change the location,” Collier said. “We’ve been to places like Dallas, Atlanta and Memphis. But the very first alternative spring break that we traveled to, was actually New Orleans. The students had a say in where they would like to go this year and out of the choices they had, they chose New Orleans. So this is our second go around with that.”

Collier goes on to explain what the alternative spring break is.

“The whole purpose behind the alternative spring break is to give students another option for their break,” Collier said. “With this option, there’s the opportunity to gain experience and to actually give back through civic and community service, so it’s a pretty good feeling to get to help out.”

Any trip away from someone’s usual lifestyle can be life changing. New Orleans is a completely different culture than St. Joseph, so being able to go there and experience something completely different and share the experience with other students would offer no exception.

SGA Senator Emily Walkup went on the trip and said she would love to do something like this again.

We volunteered at a few places within the community and were able to immerse ourselves fully in New Orleans culture,” Walkup said. “I vastly enjoyed having the opportunity to travel to a new place and make a positive impact in the community.”

Walkup went into detail about one of the ways Missouri Western helped out.

“I believe that the best part of the trip was volunteering at Chalmette,” Walkup said. “We dug up and repositioned old headstones from World War II veterans. It felt so amazing to pay respect to those who fought for our freedom.”