Powerful Griffon Inspires Others

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 By: Kathleen Woods

Starting out as a freshman, Andrea Gordon did not know the standard she would set for future Griffons. Unsure of her future, Gordon knew only one thing: She wanted to make a difference on Missouri Western’s campus. She began with the idea of her organization called “Power.”

To make this organization a reality, she joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and became its president. Gordon involved herself with other campus organizations, such as the Student Government Association or SGA for short. She then became the director of Griffs Give Back. Using the knowledge she gained from all of these outlets, Gordon was able to incorporate her own ideas on campus.

The Power Organization was created officially on Sept. 11, 2017 as a social organization on campus. Its foundation is based on four powerful principles, unity, knowledge, integrity, excellence.

Now a junior, Andrea Gordon said the goals of her organization is to cut through the social anxiety of cultural differences and to unite students by using knowledge without appropriating one another.

“So, the power organization was created to break down the social barriers that prevent people from getting to understand one another’s culture,” Gordon said. “We’re so uncomfortable on this campus when it comes to talking about things like race and things that have divided us.”

This isn’t the only goal of her organization. Gordon wanted to make sure that when students are involved, they have an outlet to express themselves. One way she is able to accomplish this is by hosting events called “Power-Outages,” where students are allowed to state however they feel through multiple artistic avenues.

The name of her organization didn’t come to mind at first until Gordon spoke with Dean of Student Involvement Isaiah Collier.

“(Collier) was telling me about a student organization that she wanted to put together and implement on campus.” Collier said. “The more she told me about it, you know, we tossed around a couple names, and then I told her this sounds like a real powerful organization. I think you should really just call it power. The name itself stands for what the members want to bolster.”

Gordon has been able to bolster a large amount of students to join her organization. Sophomore Carnisha Scott, one out of the fifteen members of the Power Organization, said she has been changed for the better since joining.

“Being a part of the Power Organization has inspired me in a very positive way,” Scott said. “It inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and be more social and take on leadership roles.”

Since the Power Organization was created, Gordon has branched out new ideas and established them on campus. She has collaborated with her sorority and Power Organization to create Griffs pop-up closet for anyone interested in donating clothes for those in need. She has put together countless events and improved herself by becoming a change leader with Oxfam America.

As for the future, Gordon is extremely optimistic.

“I’m looking forward to the future,” Gordon said. “I’ve done just about everything that I could have imagined wanting to do during my time here at Missouri Western. With my legacy that I started with Power, I want that to be soaring when I graduate.”

Collier, having worked close with Gordon, always knows she wears many hats and believes she is a model Griffon to aspire to be like.

“She’s the ideal student. I think she is getting out of college what she puts in. So she’s gaining all those leadership attributes and qualities that we want our students to graduate with,” Collier said. “She’s paving the way for future students. I think her peers should definitely look up to her.”

Gordon’s next event will be a fundraiser called “Stepping with a purpose,” or SWAP in short for The March of Dimes. Donations will be accepted for this charity, and she hopes all will attend to support Missouri Western organizations and what they have to offer. More information is to be released closer to the event.