Myron the therapy dog

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Many people think sports medicine only covers the physical side of health, but now Missouri Western is putting a focus on mental stability because they now have a new therapy dog for their student-athletes, and his name is Myron.
Myron can be found running around the GISC and in the trainer’s room for the student-athletes to pet and get love from while they recover from the various injuries that plague athletes.

As happy the addition of Myron was, it came as a shock to head coach of the football team Matt Williamson.

“One day I walked into my office and there he was, just sitting there, in my office,” Williamson said. “I started wondering who kept bringing their dog into the office, and then I found out who he was.”

Upon finding out who Myron was, Williamson voiced his approval with the addition.

“I think it’s great that he’s here,” Williamson said. “These young men can handle a lot of the physical ailments that come from injuries, but dogs make everyone happy, and I know that Myron will bring a lot of happiness to our student-athletes.”

A therapy dog in the medical room has a vast array of usefulness. No matter what they’re going into the room for, Myron will be there with them as they find out key parts of the injury process that the student-athletes may not be ready for.

Student-athletes are playing the sports they play for fun, but it may also be their future, either as a coach or a player, and so when injury strikes, it does take a depressive toll on some athletes. That’s where Myron comes in, to help these players cope with the injury process.

It’s a job that Myron loves to have. As a dog he doesn’t get to speak his opinion much, but he wasn’t hesitant at all when talking about his student-athletes.

“I love my humans, all of them. I want them all to be happy. Everyday they’re happy, I’m happy, and I like being happy,” Myron barked. “Heck, anyone who comes in the GISC, I want them all to be happy. Except if they happen to be a Bearcat.”

Athletic Director Josh Looney is very happy with the changes that Missouri Western athletics have had over the years, including Myron.

“With the Tom Smith court, the donation to get us new helmets, and now Myron, and even more I haven’t brought up, the future of Missouri Western athletics looks very bright,” Looney said. “Myron’s such a great and loving addition to the Missouri Western athletic department family.”