MWSU sits down for Tea and Talk

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By: Parker Williamson

Missouri Western’s International Center hosted their first Tea and Talk of the semester on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

  This has been a reoccurring event at Western for a few years. Students, as well as the general public, were welcomed to socialize about current issues and have lunch in the International Center Blum 210. They usually have a topic of conversation picked out ahead of time and then share their unique cultural perspectives. The topic of this month’s discussion was cultural integration. The conversation is proctored by one of the International Center’s student programmers. This time by Marcus Triplett. He looks at this event as a way of cultural exchange that benefits all sides.

  “It’s important for international students to learn from Americans that are willing to talk with them and for Americans to learn about other cultures,” Triplett said.

  Tea and Talk is a monthly event held on the last Tuesday of the month. Attendees learned about manners, education and social norms of several different cultures. Everyone took time to explain different parts of their culture and answer questions others had.

Former school teacher Mary Keck heard of the event while helping her church do a breakfast for the International Center and decided to attend.

  “It was so interesting to hear all about other cultures,” Keck said. “There is truly so many differences I had never thought of.”

  Previous topics of conversation have included concepts of beauty and the definition of diversity in different cultures.