Dixie Williams leaving MWSU

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By: Parker Williamson

  Dixie Williams, former associate director of admissions, left Missouri Western to be the director of admissions at University of Missouri-St. Louis officially on Jan. 30.

  Williams has been involved with Western since she was a student here in 1997, graduating in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree. After attending graduate school at Eastern Illinois University, she worked at a few other Missouri schools including jobs in housing and then admissions.

  In May 2016, she found her way back to Missouri Western. She said she is proud to have been a part of the team that brought lots of positive change to Griffon Orientation and overall enrollment statistics at Western.

Her primary responsibility in her position was to bring up the percentage of enrollment with the freshman class; she feels herself and others in the admissions office were successful in that. She claims Western as her starting point and says she will always be a Griffon.

  “Being a Griffon now means the same thing it did to me back in 2001,” Williams said. “It means working hard at a place that can open up doors for you as a student or a professional.”

  While she will miss Western and the people she has worked with and met here, she is very excited for this move to UMSL. St. Louis is closer to her family and to where she grew up.

  Williams thinks the best part of this move for her is reaching a long term goal in her career, to be the director of admissions. She is excited to oversee positive changes at UMSL and to create and achieve more goals like she did at Western.

  One of the people Williams worked closely with was Marissa Steimel, the events and new student program coordinator. Steimel was hired in July 2016, shortly after Williams started. They are known for having a very strong professional relationship, always collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other.

  “She is definitely one of the higher professionals that I look up to,” Steimel said. “She is always going to be at the top of my list of mentors.”

  Steimel also said that Williams is an exceptional supervisor and wasn’t afraid to fill in the gaps for recruiters or anyone else in the office. If no one could make a trip, she would step in.

  ”One of her main philosophies is to never stop recruiting. We would be out at dinner or in the community and she wouldn’t hesitate to mention Missouri Western to any young person,” Steimel said.

  “I will be back! I’m really proud to be a Griffon. and I always will be,” Williams said.