Cale Fessler says goodbye to Western

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Vice President of Financial Planning and Administration Cale Fessler stepped down from his position at Missouri Western on Feb. 1 after six years of service. Starting in mid-February, Fessler will be the Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Planning of University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.


Associate Vice President of Financial Planning and Administration Carey McMillian will be the interim vice president until a permanent position has been announced.


Even though it was hard to leave Western, Fessler said it was the right call for him and his family.


“I was interested in the opportunity down  [in Arkansas], and it would take a heck of an opportunity to take me away from here. We do have some family in the area as well,” Fessler said. “It’ll be something like a homecoming I suppose.”


Fessler said he is going to miss the relationships and community he’s leaving behind at Western.


“For me, I think, it will be the people. The relationships. A lot of the staff members I work with, the people I work with in the finances and administration departments, but also all [the people] across campus. Then of course, working with the students here. I really just kind of enjoy the people and the community as well,” Fessler said.


Fessler worked on many different projects over the last six years, but helping bring the Spratt Stadium and partnering with students to fund the Eagleton Pool were some of his favorite. Other than keeping Western’s finances in place, Fessler also enjoyed working on the repair, renovation and construction aspects of his work.


“I think we’ve accomplished a lot with respect to the physical part of the campus and some of the things we’ve been able to do from just a repair, renovation and construction standpoint. Working with the state and the city and the county and finding ways to fund projects has been sort of a point of pride, with the Spratt Stadium and the Eagleton Pool. Even partnering with the students to help fund that renovation,” Fessler said. “That’s been very satisfactory and something I’ve really enjoyed.”


Based on the work that Fessler had done at Western, interim provost and vice president of academic affairs said he anticipates success in Fessler’s future career.


“Well I certainly wish Fessler well. This is a new opportunity, and when people have new opportunities, you always want them to make decisions like this in their best interest, so I certainly wish him well,” Davenport said. “It’s been my pleasure to work with him since I arrived here four years ago. I’m confident that he is going to succeed in this new role.”


The deadline to apply for the vice president position is Feb. 15.