Art Major Dilemmas

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By: Indigo Gaydusek

First of all, I want to say why I love the art department: the faculty, instructors,
and janitorial staff have been phenomenal. The professors are passionate about what
they do and are intentional with assignments. They have made me a better artist by not
just letting me go with my first idea, encouraging me to apply for exhibitions and
teaching me how to continue making art in the real world.

They push me out of my comfort zone and help me when I am struggling. They have exceeded my expectations
in willingness to help, often staying after class or helping me on the weekends.

Secondly, I would like to voice a few frustrations that I have personally experienced in my almost-three years here. As many people joke about, art students basically live in potter because most projects can’t really be worked on outside the classrooms. Sometimes, you can’t work on homework even when you want to.

The first week, potter isn’t open outside of classes. After that, the hours are limited. Because Potter doesn’t open until 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, we are forced to plan our entire weekends around not being able to work before half the day is over. When campus closes early due to inclement weather, Potter Hall closes too, and we can no longer be in the classrooms to work on homework. When we are able to work on projects outside of potter, transportation is an issue. If you live in the residence halls and need to bring a project to Potter but don’t want a parking ticket, you have to drive over, drop it off and drive back to the residence halls just to walk all the way back to potter for class. This is time consuming and especially difficult during cold or rainy
Furthermore, seating is not ideal. We frequently need a place to sit down and eat or
sketch out ideas, but few such places exist and are not always available. The benches
are fairly suitable for killing time between classes, but they aren’t really designed for
much more than that. We resort to eating in our classrooms or other buildings. Unless
you want to spend money outside of your meal plan, you can forget about a snack or
drink between classes, because the vending machines don’t take flex and are broken
frequently. This is annoying because we spend so much time in Potter on assignments
but can’t refuel easily.
All of that being said, I still absolutely love the art department. I look forward with hope
to the future of Potter Hall and the experience that new students will have as it is
constantly improving. We are always getting new equipment and getting assigned new
and exciting projects. As I said earlier, the teachers are amazing. They make Potter Hall
what it is: a place of experimentation, growth and creativity. Those in careful
consideration and leadership of Potter Hall now have the opportunity to see these
issues and respond to them, hopefully creating an even better experience going