Western is switching from Griffons4Hire to Handshake

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On Jan. 14, Missouri Western officially switched to the new job portal system called Handshake.  

Handshake will replace Griffons4Hire with hopes of being user-friendly and able to connect both students and alumni in their job search.

Career Development Director Dr. Vincent Bowhay said that Handshake has certain advantages over Griffons4Hire.

“We had Griifons4Hire for several years, and we were very lucky to have that great service to students,” Bowhay said. “What’s great about Handshake, though, is it’s easier to use, connects students to more jobs and opportunities. We have already 600 companies that are in the website and willing to hire Missouri Western State students.”

Career mentor Cameron Edmonson believes that Handshake is a good program that will help students out.

“With this new Handshake, it’s a revamp of that (Griffons4Hire),” Edmonson said. “It’s using LinkedIn, some aspects of Facebook and putting them together and creating this awesome job portal where students are able to log on and click apply to apply faster.”

Student Employment Coordinator Claudia Baer said that Handshake has a better filter feature that will allow students to navigate and find jobs easier.

“In Griffons4Hire you’d have to really search for what filter you wanted,” Baer said. “There were a million little buttons you had to click. In comparison, on Handshake it literally has the five filters built out there: part-time, full-time employment, internships and on-campus employment. It’s literally a click of a button.”

Bowhay also thinks students should know how simple Handshake is to use.

“I think that it’s really important for students to know how easy it is to use,” Bowhay said.  “Not only uploading documents, like resumes and cover letters, but also to find opportunities, like internships, part-time jobs and on-campus jobs. What’s great is that it also has a mobile application that students can find easy to use.”

Baer says that Handshake won’t be just limited to students currently enrolled at the university.

“I think it is easy for everybody, regardless if you’re just entering college to being an alumni at Missouri Western,” Baer said. “It’s really attractive for alumni or students who are in that junior and senior year of their college experience because there’s full-time positions that employers across the country, and even in Missouri, are looking for.  You’ll be able to apply for the position and have a full-time position by the time you’re out of college.”

Bowhay believes that Handshake is also more attractive to companies than Griffons4Hire was.

“What’s nice about Handshake is it allows one employer to post to 700 universities instead of having to go in and create a profile for every university like they would have to do in Griffons4Hire,” Bowhay said.

Baer thinks that switching to Handshake shows that Western is adapting to the technology that is now provided.

“I think we are moving with the times,” Baer said.  “I think Handshake provides a great opportunity for students to connect with on-campus employers and off-campus employers. So, I really think that Missouri Western is really providing quality services for students and showing them opportunities they might not see elsewhere.”