Former Griffon games with Ellen

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As if appearing in TV shows, movies and testing courses for American Ninja Warrior wasn’t enough, Missouri Western alumni Chad Fehr most recently appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ game show, Ellen’s Game of Games.


Fehr went through a trial of interviews before he finally landed a spot on the show and was flown out to NBC Studios in New York City.


He achieved his bachelor’s degree in communications from Western in 2002. Three years later, he obtained a masters degree in education at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois and is now the assistant dean of students and dean of residential campus at Marymount California University in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.


He competed on the second episode of season which aired on Jan. 8, titled The Stink Tank Strikes Back. Unfortunately for the former Western student, he didn’t come away the win.


However, he had a blast on the hit show that just renewed by NBC for a third season.


“It was a lot of fun getting up and getting that energy and being in front of the crowd,” Fehr said.


In one of the competitions on the show, Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Degeneres disagreed that Fehr had won a challenge despite the crowd thinking otherwise. In spite of this, Fehr moved on to the next segment. Having a celebrity like Degeneres root against him was actually funny to Fehr as it’s not every day a former Griffon is at odds with someone who has their talk and game show.


“Myself and this other contestant actually kind of battled over one of the stools,” Fehr said. “It was the first round of it. We had both gotten to it at the same time, and we were kind of pushing back and forth against each other, and I ended up on the stool. There was a 10-minute review process to see who actually got to keep going in the game. The whole audience was actually cheering, saying I got it. Ellen actually thought the other contestant got to the stool first. I felt so bad.”


Fehr went on to lose in the second to last round but was okay with the outcome.


“I’m a very competitive person, but I’m also not sore about losing,” Fehr said. “It was neat to see other people be that same way.”


A stool actually popped up directly underneath Fehr, but it was too late as the round was already over and Degeneres made a mistake.


“One crushing moment I had on the show was whenever I finally got eliminated,” Fehr said. “I thought that I got it, but the other people had already found the stools, and Ellen accidentally hit the button of the stool that came up underneath of me. It was really high, and then it all came crashing back down.”


If Fehr won that round, he would of moved onto the final round with a chance to win $10,000 for each celebrity he named, something he had been practicing for. He didn’t leave empty handed, however.


“The only thing I got was a t-shirt and the wardrobe they gave me for the show,” Fehr said. “Everybody that appears on the show, that’s not their street clothes that they came in. The wardrobe people give you clothes they want you to wear.”


While the game show scene hasn’t worked in Fehr’s favor, he’s always got a fall back career in acting as he 26 credits on IMDB’s website.


“It’s something I really love to do outside of work,” Fehr said. “It gives me a great stress release. I wouldn’t call it a hobby, because I make pretty decent money doing it. It truly is passion of mine that I would love to pursue. I told my wife If I ever got offered a gig that would cover a year’s salary, I’d walk away from my job to pursue acting full time.