Theater department ends semester Short & Sweet

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This past weekend, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, the Missouri Western theater department held its final performance of the fall semester tittle, “Short & Sweet”.

“Short & Sweet” is a compilation of different short plays and short films that are directed by Western students and faculty. Junior Ben Smith spoke about what the performance  consist of and also about his large involvement in it.

“Well, “Short & Sweet” is a collection of five plays, and all the plays are about 10-15 minutes,” Smith said.

Smith wrote one of the plays that was presented and goes deep into explaining the details in that play.

“The third play is one that I actually wrote, and it is about this kid who is contemplating committing suicide, and when he is about to do it, he is stopped by an angel. This angel’s job is to keep people from killing themselves, but she has not successfully done that. So, this is like her last chance to do it before she is stuck on Earth,” Smith said.

Each of the plays are uniquely different than the others with no plot or theme overlapping each other. No one play has the same perspective given that they were each written by different students.

“In the first play, there’s a woman whose husband is cheating on her, so she confronts the person that her husband is cheating on her with. In the second play, two people get trapped at the top of a ferris wheel, and they both have a conversation about things they’re afraid of. In the fourth play, a man has a mental feud, so he keeps killing little girls, and he forgets about it,” Smith said.

Abby Wolff, a junior actress in Smith’s production, explained the approach she took to the toward the role after being cased and how it become personal to her.

“Whenever I got casted in this, I realized it was a really heavy piece,” Wolff said. “As someone whose dealt with depression before, it’s something that hits really hard for me, and I believe it’s a story that needs to be told,” Wolff said.

Junior Andy Coutts, another actor in “Short & Sweet,” explains the films that he will being playing in.

“I am actually acting in two short films,” Coutts said. “I am acting in ‘Ferris Wheel’ and ‘Feuge’ – they are actually based on the same script.”

If you weren’t able to attend the “Short & Sweet” event this year, no worries you will have another chance given that this is a recurring event at Missouri Western.