The sports medicine staff is the real MVPs

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When we think of all the success that Missouri Western sports has had, we often give the credit to the athletes or the coaching staff of the sport. We never give credit to the people who make sure that those athletes and coaches are healthy to go out and compete every weekend. The sports medicine staff at Missouri Western is composed of hardworking, dedicated members who make sure our athletes are in their best condition to compete.


Devon Schmitz, a new member of the sports medicine team, has only been here a few months and has already made a connection with the members and athletes of Missouri Western.


“I enjoy the program here at Missouri Western, but I enjoy the people I get to work with and be around even more,” Schmitz said. “The other staff members are caring and open to answer any questions I have, which is exceptional.”


Schmitz has been on the other side of her job and knows how it feels to be a college athlete wanting to be taken care of properly by the school trainers. Schmitz played collegiate soccer at Washburn University where she first figured out that she wanted to go into sports medicine.


“Experiencing first-hand what athletic trainers do for their athletes, it was unfortunate that I spent time in the training room, but at the same time it introduced me to the profession of athletic training,” Schmitz said.

Devon was ecstatic to be asked to join the Missouri Western staff and further her education while gaining first-hand experience in the medicine field.


Schmitz isn’t the only new trainer that has been added to Missouri Western’s new sports medicine staff. Blaine Wessels began his second year working for Missouri Western sports at the beginning of this fall semester.


“Working here has definitely allowed me to make new bonds and connections with the staff that I didn’t think I would,” Wessels said. “The program here is like a family and makes you feel like you’re welcome.”


Wessels began his first year working with track and field, and it was a new experience for him. Never working with track athletes, Wessels had plenty of questions that his staff was more than willing to help him with. And, something as small as that let him know he made the right choice by joining Missouri Western.


“I chose Missouri Western, not only because of the location, but because of the environment,” Wessels said. “Being around my staff and the athletes, I’ve definitely developed relationships that I hope last.”


Being a part of Missouri Western sports medicine staff means taking care of your athletes while developing new relationships along the way. Whether you’re new to the team or have been here for years, the Missouri Western sports medicine staff team is full of hard-working, dedicated members.