A Reporter in a Sports world


For two years, I’ve worked with the Griffon News. For two years, I’ve also worked with the Griffon football team as their video coordinator.

To be fair though, that’s not my actual title. I logged into the software they used on my first day, and they had me login under the profile “Video Coordinator” so I kind of just appropriated it.

In my work, I would record practices and games and put the film up on their shared video software, Hudl. I would also edit film and be a nuisance trying to get quotes for Miles, my reporter on the football beat.

Last year, my first year doing anything with them, was different. This was my first real job, and it was a weird experience. Justin Richter, the defensive backs coach who is now the defensive coordinator, was my boss, and he was a pretty cool boss. He went easy on me when I needed the help.

Now I have Steve Wright, or just Steve as I call him, a graduate assistant. He also really helped me a lot. Many of the people I worked with were really helpful and positive, even when a camera would mess up or a play would be missed.

I have a lot of good memories from my work here. Week four of last year, the Griffons played a thriller against Central Oklahoma which came down to the wire. At Emporia State, I talked to Skyler Windmiller about his season being over, and we had a long conversation about it. Skyler was one of my better friends on the team.

This year, and even towards the end of last year, Dom Marino and I became work friends. I wasn’t really recognized a lot by many of the players, but Dom went out of his way to make me feel part of the team, and that’s something I’ll always appreciate.

Last year when the Josh Caldwell story broke, Derek Lee-Zimmerman Guyer wrote the story on it and pushed a lot of buttons in the process. Work for me wasn’t too different, but it did feel weird for me going to work knowing that tensions were high.

There were times in which work wasn’t good. The long drives sucked sometimes, and working weekends forced me to have to stay on campus, so I couldn’t go home. Sometimes the program we used wouldn’t work or the camera would mess up, and I’d have to fix it. In the end, the good times outweighed the bad times.

At this point, I’m not going to return to that job next year, and I’m glad it ended with a bowl win. I’ve met friends on the team, made memories and gone places I’ve never gone before. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I’m very glad I took the job. Hopefully, the place doesn’t fall apart without me.