Western Feud


On Oct. 9, students gathered together to participate in a Family Feud style competition in Kemper Recital Hall from 7-9 p.m.

Family Feud is an American television game show where two families or teams compete to name the most popular responses to surveys questions in order to win cash and prizes. This year’s Homecoming theme was “Griffons Under The Big Top.” Jashira Bolden, assistant director of homecoming, explains what the game is and how it tied into the Homecoming theme.

“Family Feud is a well-known family game that allows families or groups from around the world to answer survey-based questions. It allowed for different organizations to be able to compete with each other, just like the acts do in a circus,” Bolden said.

Although the game was the same as the regular game show, there was a little twist. Instead of the questions being surveyed based, the questions were circus and Western themed. Eight teams participated including students, sororities, fraternities and some staff members.

Points were issued to the winning teams and to the participating teams as well. Kairstin Snyder, member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority (A?A), tells why she chose to participate.

“I chose to participate because if we participated we got the chance to win points towards winning Homecoming,” Snyder said.

This event was beneficial to the students who participated and who came to watch because it allowed them to be able to have a friendly competition with each other and to enjoy Homecoming. Snyder explains why it was beneficial to her to participate in this event.

“It was a good way to get involved on campus and have fun with my sorority sisters at the same time,” Snyder said.

The event lasted for two hours, and at the end Phi Delta Theta Fraternity came out with a win. Brenae Tate, sophomore, explains why she enjoyed this particular homecoming event.

“I actually enjoyed the event by just being a spectator because it felt like I was involved in the game still,” Tate said. “I would answer the questions with my friends in our seats. This was a really fun event to participate in or even just to watch.”

If you have any comments or feedback about this year’s Homecoming that you would like to give the committee, contact them by email at homecoming@missouriwestern.edu or the advisor Sandy Lewandowski at slewandowski@missouriwestern.edu.