Voters to decide on gas tax 10% increase


Voters will get the chance on Tuesday, Nov. 6 to choose if they support or oppose the gas tax increase that is on the ballot for the first time in 22 years in Missouri as a legislatively referred state statute.


The gas tax increase refers that if voters vote yes this measures to increase the gas tax by 10 cents per gallon for gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane. The increase would be set in over four years. This will help finance road improvements projects in the state, fund the Missouri State Highway Patrol enforcement and exempt Olympic prizes from state taxes.


Economics professor Dr. Patrick McMurry explains the purpose of the gas tax increase and why voting yes will help our economy in the future.


“This has been an earmarked tax forever, and it hasn’t been raised in so long. But think about it, a lot more cars and a lot more wear and tear on our streets, highways and bridges,” McMurry said.

“This is the primary way to raise money to fix them so in that sense I don’t want to pay more in taxes, but I drive on Missouri highways, and I’m more than happy to pay to maintain them.”


If voters oppose the decision, it will not amend Missouri statutes to increase gas tax on motor fuel, exempt Olympic prizes from state taxes and finance fixing the state’s infrastructures.


Most students who have long commutes back and forth from home to campus aren’t too happy about the gas tax increase ballot. Sophomores Payton Flanders and Alicia Morgan explain what this will mean for college students and how it will affect them.


“I commute 40 minutes back and forth to campus, so if the price on fuel tax goes up, as a college student, it’s unreasonable because you don’t really get paid much anyway from working part-time hours and you’ve got rent, bills, and a lot of things to pay for so this will not only raise the price of fuel, but of goods as well,” Flanders said.


“I feel like the state has more than enough money to keep the roads repaired. The old gas tax was enough, but they diverted it to general funds. The new tax will increase every year with inflation so it will keep growing. I don’t know about other people, but I think it’s just a scare tactic,” Morgan said.