Voice of Western Round 1


In an interactive campus event comparable to the T.V. show, ‘The Voice,” Voice of Western hosted the first round of competition, and three people were eliminated.

There are three teams with multiple performers on each, and one singer from each was sent home. Team coach and judge Dylan Walker talks about how the first round went.

“I think that the performances were really, really strong,” Walker said. “It seems like all of them had an improvement from the last week. Unfortunately, there were still some issues with a few of the performances, and those were the ones that got cut.”

After seeing the strong performances on last Thursday evening, it appears it will be difficult to determine who will keep moving on according to Walker.

“I think that the next round and finale is going to consist of some very tough decisions. There are so many good performers and vocalists in this competition,” Walker said.

It was also very hard to decide on who was moving on to the second round, team coach and judge Marissa Steimel said.

“All of our contestants did a fabulous job,” Steimel said. “Everyone, even the other teams, had fantastic performances. That made it almost impossible to decide on who needs to go home.”

Spratt 101 was full of students and local residents to see the performances. The crowd had an impact to the performers.

“I think it definitely helps the performer when the crowd gets into it. So with some of the performances where the crowd was really getting into it by clapping around and cheering for them, you can see that helped the confidence of the performer,” Steimel said.

There will be two more next performances week – round two on Nov. 6, and the finale would be Nov. 8. Nah’ryan Reed-Crawford, chairmen entertainer for WAC, speaks about what the differences will be from round one.

“They are going to be different because they are going to be back-to-back being on Tuesday and Thursday,” Reed-Crawford said. “Next week should be more put together because we are more used to how things will go. It is all put together better.”

There is a large money prize on the line for the person who wins the Voice of Western, so the next two shows should be full of good singing.

“I expect everybody to do their best. There is $1,000 on the line, so I think that they are all going to bring it and do the best that they can,” Reed-Crawford said.

With there being two performances this next week and having less time to practice and meet with the team coaches, the pressure is on.

“I think it is going to be very interesting seeing the next round on Tuesday because everyone is going to be singing a song that they aren’t too familiar with,” Steimel said. “Some of them were looking up the songs to see what it was, so there will definitely be some nerves.”

Both of the performances will be in Spratt 101 at 7 p.m. Round two will be on Tuesday, and the finale will be on Thursday.