Voice of Western comes back to campus


Missouri Western is hosting a singing contest called “Voice of Western,” with the winning prize being $1,000, starting Oct. 25 and ending Nov. 8.

There will be four days of competition, and it is open to the public to watch. They got the idea of this from the show, “The Voice,” according to WAC President Elijah Todd.

“We came up with this after the T.V. show so students can showcase their singing abilities,” Todd said. “We are currently still looking for judges as we speak, but they will play a role in the show as well.”

There was a sign up sheet for Voice of Western in Blum 207 for those who want to participate, and they had to sign up by Oct. 17.

“Many students participate because they want to show off their singing abilities. We are expecting this to go really well every year. It’s always a great turnout. They sign up for time slots, we email them with a conformation and information, and they get on stage at that time,” Todd said.

There are multiple rounds to the Voice of Western. After auditions, there will be two rounds and then the finale. Nah’ryan Reed-Crawford, chairmen entertainer for WAC, explains how the rounds work.

“There will be auditions, where judges decide what performers the want,” Reed-Crawford said. “Then about a week later, there is a challenge round. After that, there is another challenge round and then the finale.”

This is a two week contest overall. There is nearly a week between rounds to give the contestant time to work with the team that they choose.

“The first round is where you decide which team you will be on. Immediately after the first round, the contestant is working with the judge. For the finale, we usually have a duet with your team leader, but it might be different this year,” Reed-Crawford said.

At each round, contestants are eliminated and others get to move on. The winner will get a $1,000 check, and it isn’t just about having the best voice.

“A winner will be determined by how they come about when it comes to talent. It’s not just about your voice. We look at how you perform. The money all goes through the CSI and WAC organizations. There will be a big check with the winners name on it that is presented in the finale,” she said.

The Voice of Western is open to the public. It’s not just for the participants. Junior Cristian Ahlschlager tells why he is going, although he isn’t performing.

“I’m going to watch the Voice of Western because, not only does it give me something to do rather than sit in my dorm, but last year it was a lot of fun,” Ahlschlager said. “Plus, music is a big part of my life, so I like to hear people sing live.”
This has been going on for multiple years at Western and is hopefully going to bring in more students to watch this year.

“I think it’s great that they hold events like these. You get to follow along with a story and it goes on for multiple weeks, so you get excited for the upcoming weeks. I love when Western holds events like these,” Ahlschlager said.

For those interested in watching, every round is hosted in Spratt 101 at 7 p.m. It begins on Thursday, Oct. 25.