Summer 2019 Study Abroad Trip To Spain


In the summer of 2019, Spanish majors of Missouri Western will go on a study abroad trip to Spain to experience, view and learn about the Spanish culture.

Dr. Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz, professor in the English & modern languages department, speaks on how the event of studying abroad to Spain came up.

“To expand the class experience as far as study foreign languages – being if it is Chinese, German, French or Spanish – we try to coordinate every summer because it is important for students to apply their learning and expand the learning to experience with studying abroad,” Castilla-Ortiz said.

The foreign language department has taken a variety of students to different study abroad trips over the years.

“With Missouri Western, we have taken three trips, and we have gone to several countries. This is not our first time we have taken the students to Spain. Nine students came with us on the last trip. This year we expect several students to go from different levels from the lowest level to the highest level of Spanish,” Castilla-Ortiz said.

There are a variety of things that students will be doing this time around. Castilla-Ortiz speaks on what type of experience the students will learn from this trip to Spain.

“They get to see the language in action, and they get to see a country that has more than one language. We also do a compare and contrast between Spain and the United States to see what they do the same and how they are very different,” Castilla-Ortiz said.

Kimber Cordova, junior, tells how she heard about the study abroad trip to Spain and what she hopes to get out of this trip.

“I heard about this trip from my professor Dr. Castilla-Ortiz,” Cordova said. “I have never been to Spain, so I’m super excited to go. I want to improve on speaking Spanish because I’m pretty good at comprehending it, but not very good at speaking it. I am also excited to see a lot of Spanish art and Catholic churches because I’m Catholic,” Cordova said.

Alex Menendez, junior, explains how he heard about this study abroad trip to Spain as well.

“I got an email at the beginning of the school year around August suggesting I go to Spain for the study abroad trip,” Menendez said. “I hope to learn about the culture and more of the Spanish they do speak out there. I speak more of a Mexican version from what they speak.”

The study abroad trip will be in July of 2019. If you have any questions or are interested in going, contact Dr. Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz at