Sleep deprivation puts stress on students


Sleep deprivation is something that college students deal with a lot, and Missouri Western has

students that are dealing with it today.

Sleep deprivation can make you very tired – make you have daytime sleepiness, clumsiness,

weight gain and weight loss. It affects your brain and how you function daily, as well. Darius Wherry, sophomore, explains that he and sleep deprivation are not very good friends.

“I think sleep deprivation ruins people lives,” Wherry said. “There are a lot of things that go on in someone’s day that can mess up their day, and it can go as deep as not being able to sleep. If you can’t sleep, then you can’t really function perfectly throughout the day as you need too,

and we need to as college students.”

There are a lot of people, primarily college students, that have problems with sleep deprivation.

“I get sleep deprived a lot,” Wherry said. “Especially this semester – the reason for that is because this is an important semester for me – I am trying to start my major classes, and it’s like the prerequisites to get into that are much harder than what I thought they were going to be.”

Someone that has been deprived of sleep can probably give a lot of advice to a person who

maybe just started being deprived of their sleep.

“I would say calm down and just focus on one task at a time. Stop worrying about the stuff that is happening tomorrow, the next week and even next year. If you know you have to do stuff in the near future, put it on a calendar so you will not be stressed out about; therefore, you will not be deprived of sleep,” Wherry said.

Chris Desir, sophomore, thinks that being deprived of sleep is really tough on college students.

“Being a college student I think it is really tough dealing with the rough schedule. Having a good

night sleep I feel is very important,” Desir said. “So, when people get deprived of that it really messes up their day.”

Getting deprived of sleep is not a fun thing at all.

“A few nights out of the week I have sleep deprivation. There is so many things to think about

throughout the day. It is hard not to go to bed stressed out, and sometimes it just keeps you up,”

Desir said.

Raymond Clay, Missouri Western graduate in spring 2018, explained that sleep deprivation was

with him his whole senior year.

“I knew that I was graduating soon. I was stressed about passing my classes and making

sure my fraternity was alright after I left,” Clay said. “I was working two jobs, so my stress level was up, and the stress from all of that deprived me from my sleep.”

Sleep deprivation is something very serious and should not be played with at all. If you are

stressed out about things, talk to a close friend or go to Western Counseling Center.