Pizza & Politics


On Oct. 24, Missouri Western’s SGA and Politics Club will host Pizza & Politics in Blum 222/223 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Kaylee Sharp, SGA senator and administrator of this event, explains the reason for Pizza & Politics becoming an event.

“There’s a nationwide fellowship program that does voters education engagement registration,” Sharp said. “Missouri Western has a chapter. It is called the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP), and I am the Missouri Western fellow for that. So, it is my job for this big national chapter to host events leading up to the election at Missouri Western.”

Sharp goes a little deeper into what they are trying to get students educated about.

“Since the voting registration deadline has already passed, now we are moving into trying to get students educated about the issues. We want to educate students about candidates and encourage them to vote,” Sharp said.

Whenever students actually do get registered, they sometimes still don’t know much about the election and candidates. Since there’s some lack of knowledge with politics, this event is being put together.

“So the purpose of Pizza & Politics is to use the resources CEEP has given. They will talk about candidates and educate students so that way they will feel more comfortable voting in the November election,” Sharp said.

CEEP is hopeful that this event will truly help students understand more about this election so they are not going in blind when election day comes around. This is the first time CEEP is hosting this event at Western.

“We have never had a CEEP fellow at Missouri Western before,” Sharp said. “In Missouri, there are different universities that have fellowship programs, but I think the Missouri chapter as a whole just started. We have never had any sort of experiment like this before, but I am hoping it will go well.”

Although it is the first time Western is doing this, Sharp is optimistic on the event and thinks it will turn out with a good amount of people coming.

“A great way to lure college students is the free pizza and things like that. We bought enough pizza for 60 people give or take. I am hoping that we can get a good turn out, and it is not like a you come, you get what you need, you get some pizza, and you get to leave type of thing. So, if you come, you’re not committing to hours and hours,” Sharp said.