Our views on Nov. 6 ballot measures

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Amendment 2

This is most similar to oth- er states’ medical marijuana policies. It allows the grow- ing of plants (up to 6) and the purchasing of marijuana (up to 4 ounces/month) at 24 au- thorized dispensaries. There is a 4 percent sales tax. This is the best measure by a wide margin and deserves a ‘yes’ vote.

Proposition C

This is similar to Amend- ment 2 in what it legalizes, but it additionally requires local community support to make marijuana legal. This will seriously restrict the practicality of legalizing marijuana in many areas. Vote ‘no’ on Prop C.

Amendment 3

This amendment would result in the highest cost of

marijuana at the counter. Be- tween a 15 percent sales tax and cultivation taxes on both flowers and leaves. Prices would necessarily be higher than they would be with the other two measures. More concerning is the concen- tration of power that it sets up. The tax revenue would create a new nine-member board that would be over- seen by a since coordinator. You should vote ‘no’ on this measure.

Minimum Wage

My stance on minimum wage is that it should be suf- ficient for any worker earn- ing it to actually live on. If that wage is not adequate to take care of basic needs, workers are forced to take on extra jobs or look for govern- ment assistance. The only is- sue I could see arise is if the certain employers would no longer be able to afford their workers, resulting in cut po-

sitions. If passed, minimum wage will increase by .85 cents each year until it reach- es $12. However, if passed, it would allow students more time to focus on studies rather than working longer hours to ensure that they will be able to eat that week. Due to this, I believe you should vote “yes” on Proposition B.

Clean Missouri

The Clean Missouri Act will be Amendment 1 on the ballot Tuesday, November 6. This initiative is one I believe is long overdue and needs to pass. Reducing lobbyist gifts to no more than five dollars should keep things more even and prevent in- fluence on the campaigns. The biggest issue I believe is the restructuring of the dis- tricts. It is clear to see how the districts are drawn make little to zero sense and favor a certain political side. Mak-

ing districts more competi- tive will be better for all as it will make a voter feel like their vote actually will mean something and will have a say in their government.

Gas Tax

My take on the gas tax increase proposition on the Nov. 6 ballot is I that I would approve it. I say that I would approve it because by tax- ing gas this will give money to say infrastructure in the United States. This would

be really helpful because the roads, schools and other old buildings need it most. For me, it would make driving back and forth to school from St. Louis, and all around St. Joseph, much smoother, and this will last the life longev- ity on my car so I don’t end up spending so much money on my car (which is impor- tant), but on other needs like paying for school. So, I vote yes on the gas tax increase for that reason.