MWSU to host 25th annual convocation


Missouri Western is set to host political commentator and FOX anchor Chris Wallace to speak at the 25th Annual R. Dan Boulware Convocation on Critical Issues on Tuesday, Nov. 13, in Looney Complex at 10 a.m.

Wallace just received the “Freedom of Speech Award” on Wednesday, Oct. 24, to add to his already impressive resume. Former MWSU President of the Board of Regions and prominent lawyer Dan Boulware thinks highly of Wallace.

“He has won every major journalism award that there is, and just won one recently. He is also a very valued journalist – one of the most respected by the way. He cuts noone in his slack on both sides,” Boulware said.

Wallace is coming to speak about current critical issues in his “A View From Washington” speech.

“I hope that we get into some critical issues at some point during his presentation,” Boulware said. “I want the students to be challenged and influenced to be active in the community on critical issues.”

Wallace has a lot of experience with politics and does a good job at not being too bias in any direction.

“There’s always a concern that I have in an election year to get somebody in here to bang the drum in one direction because I never wanted to politicize the convocation. I honestly don’t see him favoring one side or the other,” Boulware said.

Executive Director of Missouri Western State University Foundation Jerry Pickman talks about why they chose to bring in Wallace specifically.

“This year is our 25th anniversary of our convocation, so we wanted to bring in someone who had a very high profile and could talk highly on the issues,” Pickman said. “We usually have a pretty long list and work through it.”

With the midterm elections coming up on Nov. 7, and Wallace being from Washington, he should have some good stuff to say.

“His message is a view from Washington. More importantly, we thought he could come in following the midterm election and give us a good insight on everything that happened,” Pickman said.

There have been many prominent speakers that have spoken at previous convocations over the years, from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Cokie Roberts.

“Each speaker brings their own story, and I think each one has had an impact on me. It is just dependent on the times. It was very special to speak to Martin Luther King III last year talking to him, knowing that he’s the son of Martin Luther King Jr.,” Pickman said.

Hopefully, following the election, Dan Wallace will have a lot of things that students and the community can take away from.