MWSU students relieve stress with yoga

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With midterms season coming to an end, MWSU members shake off the stress of the fall semester with a an orthodox type of yoga

Last week in Spratt and also in Blum, students were welcomed to relieve the stress of the school semester with a yoga session taught by special guest “Nikki”, whose unorthodox combination of trap music with yoga makes the stress reliever an exciting time.

“While I know yoga is typically about zin and serenity, it isn’t necessarily the world we live in. So when when I do my sessions I don’t feel the need to use calm music because when you the leave the yoga studio the world isn’t going to be calm. I think the trap music makes for a more free atmosphere,” Nikki says.

The two night was meant to help students get through the rough days of midterms and according to Student and member of the center for multicultural education Ogayna Agbaji the sessions helped balance her life.

“I loved every second of it. The instructor exuded positive vibes and I like that it was trap music playing but still extremly relaxing. It was a safe peaceful space and I’ve been a lot less stressed and more balanced,” Agbaji said.

Nikki was brought to Missouri Western by the center for student involvement, her background includes a multitude of fitness actives and teachings such as being a personal trainer, bodybuilder, belly-dance instructor and Zumba teacher.

“I find myself doing all these activities because of the extreme amounts of energy I have,” Nikki said.

The lives of a college student are demanding balancing academics and everyday life and Nikki believes that including some form of yoga each day is essential.

“Yoga teaches you about your self, it allows for students to escape from the thoughts that race through their mind, whether it on or off campus and focus on being in the moment.” Nikki said. ” I believe students should do yoga everyday to balance out their difficult lifestyle however an intense session isn’t always required, intermediate session work just as fine as well.

For students who happened to miss the event, all hope isn’t loss for the opportunity to attend a trap yoga session because plans to have the instructor come back to Missouri Western is probable says western student and director of “GriffsGiveBack” Andrea Gordon.

“Plans for Nikki to return to Missouri Western are possible, hopefully in the spring semester,” Gordon said