Freedom of speech and consequences



“Well, I can say this super offensive thing because I have freedom of speech.” Although that’s true, you don’t have the freedom of consequences. I’m watching more and more people think that it’s okay to make uneducated comments or offensive remarks on a day-to-day and not understand why it’s not okay.

My junior year history teacher made it clear to me that although we have the freedom of speech, we do not have the freedom of consequences. So many people will go on Facebook and say crude and inappropriate comments and not understand why they won’t get a job. Maybe it’s because that’s not how you should represent a company? It’s the same reason why you can’t just harass people in a work or school setting. That’s not how a company or a school is ran.

I am sick of seeing video on social media of white women calling the cops on black people for simply just being there and insulting them in many ways. Their reasoning is that they “have the right” and they shouldn’t receive hate for what they say. Although I agree they should not be receiving hate, maybe it’s a good thing so they can learn why what they’re doing is wrong.

Now as an aspiring journalist, I am a massive fan of our first amendment rights. I like having the freedom to cover what I want. I think it’s great that we can say what we want, but we need to be responsible with what we say. It goes back to the basic manners we learned about when we were children. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

I don’t think freedom of speech is getting a good rep at the moment. When your president of your free country mocks women and journalists and other countries and wow doesn’t that list just go on and on? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “Well, he’s our president, so he can say that. He’s the leader of our free country.” NO! He is not allowed to just go off on any person he sees. That’s not how this works. If you are representing your school on a field trip, the entire time you’re told to be respectful because you’re representing the school. If this is a concept that young children can comprehend, then shouldn’t our 72-year-old president be respectful when he’s representing 325.7 million people? Just a thought.

I hope eventually we’ll get to the point where people can understand that although they can say what they want, they have to accept the consequences of making these remarks.