Demonstrate your right to vote

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Don’t want Trump’s executive order to eliminate sanctuary cities and cause a lot of immigrants to be at risk for deportation? Don’t want Trump to elect officials in the Supreme Court that were accused of crimes before? If you answered “yes” to these, then go out and vote.

All citizens should be feel privileged to go out and vote in the elections every year. If you find a policy that you don’t agree with at al or you think can be improved upon, then vote for the better policy or vote to eliminate the policy all together.

Would you want to see someone not be persuaded by corporations and give meaningful apologies to whenever a tragic event occurs in the U.S? Someone that will take to heart and send his deepest apologies like he cares about the people of the United States?

435 U.S. house seats and 33 U.S. senate seats are open for elections if you want to see some democratic power and give Trump a little bit of a hard time to pass policies that the public may not agree with. There has been an increase in Democratic voters recently, so to make sure that more Democratic people get put into either the House or Senate and make sure that there is little-to-no Republicans serving in either spot, go out and vote in the midterms.

If there are more Republicans in the House than there are Democrats, the result is the U.S. will be in the same spot it is now after the election. Everything will be the same. If you want a change in sides and possibly with a Democrat presence it could mean a step closer to impeaching Trump.

By having more of a Democratic presence, it can be harder for Trump to nominate people for positions such as Supreme Court Justices or other positions. Do you want another person to be appointed that was accused of rape? If the answer is no, then go out and vote for those Democrats.

More Democrats means that they will be able to investigate the Trump administration more aggressively than before. Allegations of sexual assault claims against Trump, for example, will be investigated better, and it can persuade voters that are Trump supporters to realize that maybe Trump wasn’t a great president after all.

It is predicted that this election will have more young adult voters. It will be the most it’s been since the ‘60s. Finally, young people will feel like their vote matters and when it comes down to what happens. After the election, it can be an increasing trend that young adults on election day will go out and vote.

Your vote matters on anything. Even if you are going into polling places and going in with the mentality that you are voting on a particular issue. Everyone’s vote matters on any person or on any issue. Go out and vote for your country’s future.