2018 Commuter Appreciation Week

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Free food and events were hosted on Oct. 22-26 for off-campus students through MWSU’s second annual commuter appreciation week.

The Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center threw this year’s commuter appreciation week to remember the students who have to make an extra effort to attend classes and be involved in campus life. To do this, they had different events Monday through Friday with activities, food and useful commuter items. The Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center was hoping it would be a pick up for the commuters at this point in the semester and make them more aware of the resources that the office offers.

Last year, SGA planned and executed the week’s activities, but this year they asked Kathy Frost, administrative assistant in the Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center, if she would be interested in taking over. Frost agreed because she wants the students to feel welcome and supported on campus.

Frost feels like one of the biggest results she saw from Commuter Appreciation Week was people becoming more aware of the center. “A lot of the students don’t know where the nontraditional and commuter center is, so this is really opening the door to that,” Frost said. “To let them know that we have a space they can come and relax in and do homework in.”

Student worker for the Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center, Jennifer Webb, was involved with commuter appreciation week and agreed with Frost that the office is a great place for students to be. “I really like all the new [people] that come in every semester. Just stick around here, and you’ll be fine,” Webb said. “We can point you where you need to go, tell you which building is which and where the best food is.”

The first day of appreciation week, freshman commuter, Erin Cox, came by the office to join in the festivities. “This is actually my first day in here,” Cox said. “I heard about it, but I didn’t ever come in here even though I knew I’m a commuter and I should. I just came in here, and right as I walked in the door, they were really welcoming.”

The resources listed on the Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center website are a university networked computers and printer, refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, information and referral bulletin boards, locker storage and large screen television.

For more information on the center and what resources it provides, you can go to https://www.missouriwestern.edu/nontrad/.