We like the new search committee

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Missouri Western will be having its first search committee. The search committee will be in charge of finding the next president for Western as Dr. Robert Vartabedian takes his last school year as president.

The search committee is comprised of the Board of Governors that has David Liechti, Al Purcell, Debbie Smith and Student Governor Paul Granberry III. Faculty members are Dr. Mike Cadden, Dr. Jennifer Hegeman, Dr. Mark Mills and Dr. Dan Shepard. For the staff at Western there is Kathy Kelly and Fred Nesslage. For the community members there are Drew Brown, Pete Gray, Todd Meierhoffer, Charlie Shields, Kylee Strough, Julee Thompson, Bob Wollenman and Seth Wright. Administration is also on the committee. It comprises of Josh Looney, Carey Mcmillian, Latoya Muhammad and Dr. Bob Willenbrink.

We think that the search committee is a great idea for Western. This is an excellent idea because it combines the faculty forces to have an opinion on the person that will replace Dr. Vartabedian. Not only though is the faculty involved, but so are the students too, with Austen Hall who is the Student Governor Association (SGA) President and another person from SGA Paul Granberry III. With Kathy Kelly and Fred Nesslage on the list of staff involved, it gives the staff at Western a say in the process. The community members also have a say in who the next president is. This is great because all sides of Western have a say in who the next president should be.

Having a couple of members from SGA representing the student body is especially great. This would let the students know that the next president is not just looking after the school and faculty, but also the student body as well.

This search committee feels more organized than just having Board of Governors or just have one or two important people to Western conduct all the interviews for the next president, which we feel that doesn’t give enough viewpoints for everybody since those two people have differing viewpoints. We like how there’s multiple people to weigh in on the deciding future president of the university.

One of the people that was asked to be on the committee is Dr. Jeanne Daffron. This is a good decision because Daffron has been around with Vartabedian, so she would be looking for qualities of the next president that line up with, but bring new ideas to the table at Western.

We trust that the search committee will find a solid next president that’ll do great things to Western just as Vartabedian did.