Students party silently


On Oct. 11, Missouri Western celebrated Homecoming week with a silent party called “The Silent House of Mirrors,” in Fulkerson at 8 p.m.

The silent party had two DJs that played different music on two sets of headphones for each person in the crowd to listen to. Sophomore Homecoming Chairperson Chris Desir tells some of the things he experienced at the silent party.

“When I got there, I was not expecting much because the concept kind of seemed off to me,” Desir said. “But, when I got the headphones on, it was kind of cool the see what different DJs had. Throughout the whole party, there was never a dull moment because there was always something good playing, so it was a really good time for me.”

Desir explains how Western should do this again and if they need to improve anything.

“I think it would be more successful considering how people felt about this one, that more people will show up to the next one. The thing that I would consider is to let the students have suggestions on whatever songs they want to hear on the channel they had music on,” Desir said.

Desir mentioned that this was his first ever silent party he has been to. Dweice Kirk, freshman, describes how the silent party was in her eyes.

“The silent party was very fun,” Kirk said. “That was the best time I have had with everybody listening to the same songs, and it is silent in the room. It was the greatest experience I have ever had.”

The different choices of music between the two DJs made the party better, Kirk explains.

“It is a great experience where everybody came together. People that do not listen to certain music were enjoying this style of music they had never had interest in, and it was just fun with all of us being together,” Kirk said.

Darius Wherry, sophomore, explains how the silent party was in his point of view.

“I think the silent party was by far the best event during the Homecoming week,” Wherry said. “It was a nice time. People walk in with no issues and that they had different DJs so people could turn up in the same section it was cool.”

The silent party was a different type of event that Western hasn’t had before, but it was very enjoyable by students who attended.