Shana Meyers takes pulse of MWSU campus

Institutional News

Vice President of student affairs leads the charge in an attempt to better understand every student personality on the Missouri Western campus.

Shana Meyers vice president of student affairs along with assistance from Minerva Torres who is also involved in student affairs have designed a better way to reach the heartbeat of Missouri Western State University, which is the students with there pulse group.

“I started at Missouri Western about five years ago and one of the things I wanted to do was hear from students and it seemed like a good idea to look at the different demographics of students that we have on campus and to hear about there experience,” Meyers said.

Meyers, who has been Vice President of Student Affairs since April 2013 has nearly two decades of experience in higher education. Throughout her career her focuses have been connecting with student in depth, whether it be via student organizations and activities, residential life, academic affairs, college advancement and student life. While her job tittle thrusts her into the position of being the representative for students at MWSU, Meyers understands that not every second of her day can had having direct contact with students.

“I understand sometimes its difficult to get a hold of me, I have meetings that i’m running to constantly and other things that I am doing, so when I schedule these events it is dedicated time for me to sit down and be quite and listen to the students I am representing. I want students to know that there voices are being heard,” Meyers said.

Each student faces different difficulties of there own on campus. and the pulse group meetings are a perfect way to voice your opinion about anything that you may have on your mind say Minerva Torres.

“Students are so busy and juggle so many demands on their time; it’s hard for them to fit one more thing in their schedules. However, I think it’s worth it to come to the meetings and take a minute to listen to other students express their views and share your own. Sometimes students realize that they have had similar experiences but didn’t think about it too much. Students can share the positive (they liked Western Warm Up and getting to know all the student organizations available and the free swag) or the negative (parking issues and knowing what the rules are) and they get some answers. Sometimes students have great ideas on improving events or providing a service but don’t know who to speak with or don’t think it’s feasible. It’s a great opportunity to speak up about anything you can think of…plus we do have some Missouri Western sway to give away to show our appreciation to students,” said Torres

The dates for the 7 meetings are already underway, and the feedback has been positive.

“I had a great experience with the group and we talked about we how feel about going to school at Missouri Western. We all had a chance to talk about how we feel about everything that is going on, on campus, and what changes they should make to help out student in general,” Daraja Scott MWSU student said.

The meeting will be held on a monthly basis inside the Presidents dining room located in the Blum Union and for more information updates on  the pulse group or students affair events follow the The Griffon News on twitter.