Missouri Western Alumni Go Greek

Departmental News

   The Missouri Western Alumni Association is planning a trip to Greece from May 22 to June 1, 2019, as a way to help former students meet other alumni and learn about different cultures around the world.

    Director of the Alumni Association, Colleen Kowich, held a meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27 in Spratt Hall room 214. During the meeting, Kowich spoke about the trip and what participants should expect to during their time. Dr. Jimmy Albright, a part-time professor, will be leading the trip. Albright also did a quick overview of the trip and answered questions that people had as well as explained in more detail about the places they were visiting.

    “We have lots of interest,” Kowich said. “People seem very excited. I think the location is very attractive, and it’s causing lots of interest. If we have more interest, we will be willing to add more seats. It’s ideal to have around 25-30 people. Anything more than 30-35 makes it a little difficult on the trip.”

    The group will be spending 11 days in Greece. During the trip, participants will be traveling to different cities and visiting different monuments, as well as taking a few cruises to Greek Islands. Some of the more specific events include an Athens night tour, a live music event at a Taverna and a free gift package to every traveler.

    “I want them to understand the history of Greece,” Albright said. “I want them to understand that here in the United States, most of our democratic principles, we got from the Greek Culture. The other thing I want them to get is that in many of these countries, modern culture in those countries is really as good as modern culture in our country.”

    There is a $300 deposit for participants who are planning on attending, and they will need to have it turned in Feb. 15. There will be one final informational meeting roughly two or three weeks before the trip will take place.

    “It’s a thrilling thing to put together,” Albright said. “Most of the people that are gonna go with me have never been. Most of them have never even traveled, and they certainly haven’t been to Europe or the Middle East. It’s for me to put together because I know in these trips, I’m getting ready to change people’s lives.”

    “Travel programs are very popular among alumni associations,” Kowich said. “It is a great opportunity to go see other places and go visit different countries. It’s not unusual for alumni associations to have travel programs. When we have someone as knowledgeable as Dr. Albright as part of the group, it makes it that much more special.”

    For more information, please contact Kowich at ckowich@missouriwestern.edu or Albright at iran26@been-there.com.